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Company Culture

Our core mission is to support entrepreneurial independence, and this applies to both our clients and our teammates. Our team is made up of talented experts who own their own businesses in the United States.

Just as steel sharpens steel, entrepreneurs are the best at strengthening other entrepreneurs. It’s important to us that we don’t squash anyone’s dream of owning a business. The quality of work we put out is consistent because we lead the direction and invite only those who share our style, work ethic, and values.

It's important to us that the talented people we work with have control over their days, work on things they truly care about, make use of every skill they offer, have the ability to take on jobs outside of BRDG, and aren't constrained to an annual income cap.

BRDG is 100% remote

We offer freedom to our teammates because we believe in leading with trust. Our employees can live where they want and set their own hours outside of team meetings to meet their deadlines. We believe in working from the inside out because our clients benefit from the satisfaction we feel at work. A fulfilled and connected team leads to stronger, more effective work and happier environments.

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The ideal candidate is...

already a freelancer, a strong communicator, honest about roadblocks and limitations, willing to be flexible for time zone differences, great with technology, able to keep themselves organized, a self-motivator, an optimistic problem solver, someone with strong values, and someone who loves what they do.


Elisabeth Bridges

Why I Built BRDG

I spent more than a decade jamming my puzzle pieces into the wrong picture. The career I had trained so hard for felt like a mismatch from the start, but I kept with it, figuring that I just needed to give it time. I made tweaks with each new position, but the misery only mounted. I felt that giving up would be a waste of everything I had learned.

I realized the need for BRDG when I was seeking my own redirection and was unable to find the right support. I set off to create the service I wish I had back then and share the tools I discovered when I rebuilt my own foundation. I want to partner with hardworking dreamers who need a new direction as well as those who've already found their way but seek reinforcements.


(if you care)

the meaning of BRDG

Bridged Rifts Direct Grit

Each word that makes up the BRDG acronym was chosen thoughtfully.

Researchers have determined that grit is the key characteristic for success. One can be of great talent and intellect, but without grit - which can be defined as the willingness to continue on despite all obstacles - achievement is more unlikely.

If talent and intelligence are the vehicle, grit is the gas in the tank. With high levels of perseverance and passion, gritty individuals are driven by a need for advancement. They possess the ability to manage their fear of failure and aren’t thrown off by the inevitable roadblocks.

Trailblazers are used to making their own paths around resistance, but sometimes the obstacle is so severe that a team is needed. These serious, impassable rifts must be bridged. Bridges can overcome even the most impossible-seeming challenges, but they are not built alone.

“It takes both sides to build a bridge.”

With the bridge in place, one can direct their ambition across it to where they wish to be. We like to say that “Point B” stands for “Point Beginning” because, every time you reach a destination, you're able to see that it’s possible to go even further. What you thought was the endpoint turns into the launch pad for your next goal - or, more accurately, your next checkpoint.

A follower of "Endless Progression" is someone who is satisfied with never feeling fully satisfied because they see a path that continues to no limit. They are most fulfilled when they are in the act of improving. We create momentum and provide continuous support to individuals who hold this mentality.

The destination is the guide, but the journey is the goal. The struggle leads to the reward, but, more importantly, it gives you the perspective to appreciate it. Struggle is a prerequisite for gratitude. Chase it.


The place to be is on the bridge.