There’s No Such Thing As The “Right Time”


Argument: There is no such thing as “the right time.”

If you do choose to wait until what feels like “the right time,” major setbacks could still appear immediately after you make the jump (because life’s a real butt).

...You unexpectedly lose your job, someone screws you over, a competitor comes out with a similar product, your car gets totaled, you have your heart broken, you have a death in the family...

There is no such thing as a weather-free stage of life. We always seem to be in a state of longing or feeling weighed down by something.

Of course, there probably is such a thing as “a REALLY bad time” to do something new, but that is highly subjective. And those moments are often mislabeled as “not a good time” because of a fear that is given in to (see our Life Code post about Fear for what we have to say on that topic).

Going towards something you believe in could actually help you stay sane through a difficult time!

Exercise: If you’re up against a “not a good time” roadblock, try writing a list of all that could happen if you went for it now. Write the things that could go wrong and the things that could go oh-so-sweetly right (the things you would be missing out on by not moving forward).

How do you define “right?” What would need to happen for it to feel like “the right time?” Are you able to put that all into words and turn it into a to-do list that gets you through the roadblock?

Maybe you’ll overcome a mental hurtle and move forward, and maybe you won’t. Either way, it’s important to reflect and challenge your thinking.

A thought to adopt: “If I can handle things during this madness, I could get through anything. I’d be unstoppable.”