How To Add Blogs


Here’s how to publish a standard blog.


Important Note: Squarespace blogs are not confined to a template with a fixed width like most blog sites. They are completely open for you to edit as you want! You can build each blog post as you would a regular Section. This guide, however, will show you how to do the standard blog layout with all text in a fixed width that’s centered on the page.


Step 1

Log in at


Step 2

Select your website.


Step 3

In the menu on the left, select Pages.


Step 4

Find your blog in the page list. Its title may be different from “Blog” (maybe you chose “News” or “Articles”), but it’s always represented by the lowercase “a” icon. Click on it.

Step 5

Click the “+” plus sign to start a new post.

Step 6

Type in a title.

It should be simple, truthful to the content, and clearly states the purpose of its existence. It should tell the reader what they might gain by giving the blog post their time.



Quick Pro Tip:

Some of the most effective blogs are the numbered lists. For whatever reason, our eyes are drawn to numbers more than letters, so titles like “12 Things Every Closet Needs” really catch our attention. Plus, lists break up big chunks of text, making it easier and more enjoyable for viewers to read!



Step 7

Hover your mouse around the top left side of the text box that says “Write here…” until a dark horizontal line appears.

Step 8

Click on the line’s rounded marker on the left. A menu will appear.

Step 9

Choose the spacer block.


Step 10

Create another spacer. (Repeat the last 3 steps.)

Step 11

Drag the spacers to either side of the text box. One spacer to the left and one to the right.

To learn why spacers matters, visit our Best Practices for Text guide and read the one about text box width.=

Step 12

With both spacers in their place, you now need to resize their widths.

Grab the inner edge of the spacer (“inner” meaning the edge that’s touching the text box) and drag it toward the outer edge of the frame. Then, pull the edge back in 1 click.


Step 13

Add your text.

You can either write your post in a text editor like Google Docs beforehand or write it directly in the Squarespace blog editor and save it as a Draft until you’re ready to post. Squarespace has a mobile Blog app for you to write on the go.

Please review our Best Practices for Text.

Step 14

Add in photos, videos, or other elements to make your post more interesting.

Please review our Best Practices for Images.

You can also add in details like horizontal lines and spacers to help break up big sections of text.

Step 15

In the bottom left of the window, select an existing Category or type in a new one.

Categories shouldn’t be terribly specific to the post. They should be general enough to group many of your blog posts together.


Step 16

Add in Keywords. Type in as many relevant words as you can think up for this specific post. This is to help people discover the post when they’re searching for something like it.

Step 17

Click on the Options tab in the blog editor window.

Step 18

Add a Thumbnail Image.

If you don’t have one, Squarespace does offer a free stock image search (click “Search for Image”).

If you care about SEO, it’s preferred that you create an image outside of Squarespace.


Step 19

Make sure the Post URL is what you want it to be.

Sometimes it’s beneficial to have the URL be simpler or feature a different statement that’s similar to the title of the blog.

If you edit the Post URL, type a “-” dash in between each word.

Step 20

Set the correct person as the Author.

Make sure it’s not a BRDG employee, if we’re still set as admins on your website.

Step 21

Write an Excerpt.

Typically, a strong single sentence is perfect for this. It should say something different than the title.


Step 22

Click Save & Publish at the bottom of the window.

Step 23

With your newly published blog in the page viewer on the right, click the short horizontal line “—” above the page viewer until the device icons appear.

Step 24

Test your edits in the Mobile and Tablet mode.

It is crucial that the site looks good on every device. Although tablet viewership is super super low (like 6%), we still don’t want this view to look like total garbage.



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