How To Edit Files


Here’s how to replace an existing file with a new one.


Step 1

Log in at


Step 2

Select your website.


Step 3

In the menu on the left, select Pages.


Step 4

Select the page or section you wish to edit.

(Vocabulary Help: In the above image, “Home” is the page, and the highlighted “Values” is the section.)


Step 5

In the page viewer on the right, scroll to the area that you want to change and hover your mouse over it. A dark gray menu bar will appear in the top left.


Step 6

Select Edit in the menu bar.


Step 7

Hover your mouse over the button or other element that users click to open the file. A dark gray menu bar will appear.


Step 8

Click Edit in the menu bar. A small popup window will appear.

If you’re using an image instead of a button, click Edit then Design to find the Clickthrough.


Step 9

Select the dark gray field under “Clickthrough URL.” It should have the name of the file you want to replace.

You’ll want to scroll inside the little popup to see this area better.


Step 10

Click the “Add a file” text with the up-arrow icon.


Step 11

Locate and select the file from your computer inside the window that appears.

The example image is of a Mac computer. A Windows computer will look different.


Step 12

Make sure the name of the file isn’t messy because it will be public for all to see. To rename it, hover your mouse over the file and click on the pencil icon on the right.

Messy File Name Example:


Step 13

Type in a new name that’s simple, then hit the Enter key on your keyboard (or Return on Mac).

Clean File Name Example:
“class-calendar-july” or simply “july”


Step 14

Delete the file that you’re replacing by hovering your mouse over the file and clicking on the x icon on the right.


Step 15

Confirm by clicking Delete.


Step 16

Click Apply in the bottom right corner of the small popup window.


Step 17

Hit Save in the left corner of the section.



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