How To Edit Sections


Here’s how to edit the existing content on your website.


Step 1

Log in at


Step 2

Select your website.


Step 3

In the menu on the left, select Pages.


Step 4

Select the page you wish to edit.


Step 5

In the page viewer on the right, scroll to the area that you want to change and hover your mouse over it. A dark gray menu bar will appear in the top left.


Step 6

Select Edit in the menu bar that appears.


Step 7

Hover your mouse over the content you wish to edit. Make your edits.

If you’re editing buttons, images, or other features, you must select another Edit button that will appear in a dark gray menu bar.

If you want to add new content, see our guide on Adding Content.


Step 8

Hit Save in the left corner.


Step 9

Click the short horizontal line “—” above the page viewer until the device icons appear.


Step 10

Test your edits in the Mobile and Tablet mode.

It is crucial that the site looks good on every device. Although tablet viewership is super super low (like 6%), we still don’t want this view to look like total garbage.



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