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a la carte rates

Web Design, $120/hr

Graphic Design, $90/hr

Copywriting, $60/hr





Squarespace Web Design, Starting at $960

You are fully committed to the success of your business, and you’re ready to take it to the next level with a fresh website that will impress customers, investors, and all those people you wanna prove wrong!

Includes: Squarespace Account Setup, Font + Color Selection, Contact Page or Footer, Policy Page(s), 404 Page Design, Lockscreen Page Design, 1 Round of Revisions, Training Session, Web Management Guides.


Web Design Pages

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Getting a new website is a lot more affordable than you think. Check out our estimate calculator to see what your new website might cost.

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Take a look at some of the web and graphic design projects we’ve done to see if our services and our style fit what you’re looking for.

Plan Your Website

We’ve put together a guide that will help you determine all of the content and services you need to have an amazing website built for you.


1-on-1 Training, $240

If you're brand new to Squarespace, we'll give you a strong foundation. If you’ve been working in the platform for a while, but have reached a roadblock, we’ll craft a unique lesson for you. All trainings are held in Google Hangouts as screen-share calls.

Includes: 1 Hour of Targeted Training, Answers to Followup Questions, and Access to Web Management Guides.


Website Review, $120

You like the website you have but feel like it has potential to be better. We’ll review your site, identify 5 areas that could be strengthened, and write out detailed descriptions for how to go about it. We focus on information architecture, creative direction, user experience, marketing strategy, and SEO.

Includes: 5 Detailed Suggestions, and a $300 Credit to Use on Web Design Services or the Onramp Program.


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Logo Design, $720

Whether you’re launching a new company or are seeking a refresh for an existing one, we’ll take what we learn about your company and turn it into a new logo that best represents you.

Includes: 3 Unique Design Options, 2 Rounds of Revision, 2 Fonts, 2 Colors, 3+ Logo Design Variations, and File Versions in Full Color, Black, and White. Additional Revisions: $2/min


Brand Cosmetics, $360

Your branding is part of your legacy, and it should evolve with your values, taste, and priorities over time. We’ll match your goals with a new visual direction that will attract the customers you want.

Includes: 2 Fonts, 2 Colors, Photography Style, and Iconography / Graphic Design Style. Revisions: $2/min


Brand Strategy, $480

Attract the right customers, place effective ads, boost your social media game, publish interesting content that people actually want to read, show that you’re not a boring company, and straight-up conquer your industry with all of the right bells and whistles.

Includes: Research, Brand Voice Development, 5 Content Ideas, and 20+ Keywords and Hashtags. Revisions: $2/min


Let’s heckin’ do it.